Raghu’s art

Often, journalists must sacrifice their major interests outside of journalism because of the demands of their schedules. N.Raghuraman is a water colour artist who produces some important supplements at The Hindu. Thanks to the Internet and broadband, he is now able to devote time to his hobby and network with peers online.

He has been working quietly to popularise water colours, his own and those produced by others, on blogs.  Raghu’s blog, Water Colors and More has received a warm welcome from his artist peers.

The legendary naturalist and writer, E.O.Wilson lamented that people are today spending too much time in front of computers and televisions, rather than out in the real world (of soil, water, sunshine, rock and blue sky) where natural life is sustained.

Raghu’s work quietly celebrates this natural world… the world of Wilson, Thoreau, Aldo Leopold, Rachel Carson, Lewis Mumford, Sundarlal Bahuguna, Gaura Devi and all of us.


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