Good Times, really?

The age of the sound bite has been evolving constantly and there will be more evidence of this vertical evolution in coming months. ‘Aspirational’ television channels that are built around dreams and virtual reality are being spawned by broadcasting majors, while news channels that are keen to solve problems, most often in under 30 seconds, make up the serious side of TV.

The future belongs to broadcasting, many would argue. The default notion of broadcasting today is private, commercial television.

The goodies streaming through the TV are poised to get ever more colourful. A new entrant from the NDTV stable, with the appropriately optimistic name of “Good Times” is all set to colour the jaded lives of Indians.

“Among the various shows offered by this channel,” says the PR release, “is a wide range of aspirational lifestyle programming on health, fashion, food, travel, luxury and more. NDTV has come together with the Kingfisher Brand in a first-of-its-kind media alliance for the promotion of NDTV Good Times. A free-to-air channel, NDTV Good Times will be available to viewers across India starting September 7,” goes the sales pitch.

A little consumption is good for everyone, including the poor, would be the reasoning. Only, how much is enough and how much is too much, is the more difficult question to answer. And, does it really lead to the promised ‘good times’ for the majority? That is a discussion on economics ideally begun with a paper by Kenneth Arrow and others, on whether we are consuming too much.

But for now, some can indeed look forward to Good Times.


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