Fanalconyx and the levitating experience

For those who have tried to do it, composting can be fun. The average middle class person is very apprehensive about waste lying around, and quickly shouts out the NIMBY war cry.  Exnora brought those people together because it promised to handle their waste problem with the bare minimum direct involvement from the participants — the work was done by the street beautifier. The experiment virtually crashed after the arrival of Onyx. Neel Metal Fanalca, with all its flaws and hiccups, is also unlikely to kick start the citizen-led waste minimisation initiative.

For those who still have some fire in their belly, home composting is really attractive. It also produces clean compost (uncontaminated by heavy metals and chemicals that are likely to be found in the mixed waste that the Corporation would compost).

Here is a video promoting Daily Dump that I found on YouTube, which is of interest. Of course, it is only a colourful promo, and you don’t really need to invest heavily to compost at home. But for those who go for some chic terracotta stuff, this video should be appealing.


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