Binayak Sen case in Wall Street Journal

It must come as a surprise to many that a conservative forum such as the Wall Street Journal should carry a piece on Dr. Binayak Sen, the doctor who is held in a jail in Chattisgarh without bail under draconian anti-terrorism laws for allegedly helping naxalites.

The piece is indeed there and it is being circulated on the Net by bloggers, because the original is behind access controls at WSJ, available only to premium subscribers. (Ironically, that restriction is expected to be lifted when another symbol of conservative media, Rupert Murdoch completes his purchase of the WSJ and its parent company, Dow Jones).

Here is the item in the WSJ in the original page, and here is a blog that features it in full. To its credit, the WSJ item centrestages the fraud taking place in Chattisgarh in the name of development and the role of the Salwa Judum, in a much more forthright manner than the domestic media would. That is what makes it surprising. Another item on Dr. Sen in The Hindu by Garimella Subramaniam.


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