Taxis for software pros make us unsafe

It is a dream run for the middle class with the IT sector enjoying continued growth, and it is also a great time for transporters who take our software professionals to their workspots.

The difficult aspect of this sunny skies scenario is that our roads are less safe today because of all the ill-trained drivers at the wheel of Tata Indicas, Qualises and Sumos, not to mention the big buses, ferrying these dollar-ticket professionals.

Without any claim to genius, when I spoke to Additional Commissioner Sunil Kumar the other day (in connection with the Aminjikarai patrol car that side-swiped my Alto, see this post), I had mentioned that the worst drivers on Chennai roads today are those on the loose with Indicas at their command.

Today, The Hindu carries a report by its Tambaram-based special correspondent K.Manikandan, of one person killed by such an unhinged driver speeding in an Indica. It is not difficult to guess that this incident will not be the last. There are a lot of banged-up Indicas racing in town completely out of control and we dread to hear about the next victim.

It would be difficult for the software companies to absolve themselves of responsibility for the vehicles that they hire. Responsibility for jeopardising the safety of the public would be difficult to outsource. Time to clean up the mess.


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