The (Positive) Green Agenda

This is the year that the Green agenda is taking root in many places. In the US, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, the Al Gore Nobel did a lot to pull green action from the alternative media to the political mainstream (although Gore has been working on this for more than two decades).

Perhaps the most direct impact of the green movement has been in Australia, which goes the polls this Saturday, November 24. Amid conservative and even bigoted messages, such as from Pauline Hanson and her newly launched party, there is a strong Australian Greens campaign on social and environmental issues.

It is amazing how some of the things to solve very complex problems are actually very simple to do. Cleaning up the air, water and the environment requires us first not to vandalise it in the first place. Hands off.

I am a biased fan of the Greens ideology in general. It would not be surprising, therefore, that I loved this campaign presentation from the Australian Greens. If you are voting in Australia, I think your best bet is the Green Party.

Update: It is heartening that Kevin Rudd and his party have won the Australian election and put the country on a strong course, especially with reference to the environment.



  1. Definition

    noun [C]
    1 a list of matters to be discussed at a meeting:
    There were several important items on the agenda.
    The question of security is high on the agenda for this afternoon’s meeting.

    2 a list of aims or possible future achievements:
    Women’s rights have been put back on the agenda (= are being discussed publicly again).
    The subject of safety must be placed high on/at the top of the agenda (= must be discussed because it is very important).
    Education was placed firmly on the political agenda in the Prime Minister’s week-end speech.

    (from Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)


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