A start with video blogging

I am attempting a series of video blogs with a device that was apparently designed with that objective in mind — the 150 dollar Flip Ultra camcorder. The first lesson from the whole exercise is that Flip does not work with Windows Vista, although both are supposed to be cutting edge products from the respective companies, Pure Digital Technologies and Microsoft.

A more comprehensive verdict on the recorder can come only after trying it out on Win XP. Meanwhile, here is a video that miraculously got downloaded on my Vista Home Premium system. It flunked a test on Windows Movie Maker (the application simply froze up) and so I could not edit it, add titles, credits and so on. More on all that later.

Here is a scene from Times Square that I visited a few days ago, on a windy evening, cold but bright and alluring all the same…the sounds in the background are not bad audio quality. That’s the bracing wind.


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