The Chennai Corporation and the law on solid waste

It does not take much insight for the city resident to know that solid waste management laws are being flouted with impunity in Chennai by the Corporation and the several big municipalities, town panchayats and panchayats around the expanding city periphery.

 I had sought answers to some questions related to the Chennai Corporation’s implementation of the Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000 under the Right to Information Act, after the conclusion of the agreement for the job of waste management between the civic body and Neel Metal Fanalca.

Here is the response of the Corporation: (Download here in PDF)

Briefly, the civic body states that it does not comply with the MSW Rules 2000; that it does not have any timeline to do so; that segregation of waste is the responsibility of the concessionaire, Neel Metal; that the civic body does not consider safe disposal of mercury laden fluorescent lamps, including CFLs, to be its responsibility – instead, it must be handled by the TN Pollution Control Board; also, most shockingly, the Corporation does not file an annual report to the Central Pollution Control Board and the TNPCB on its adherence or activity relating to MSW Rules 2000.

It is time the legal system pulled up the Chennai Corporation and the suburban local bodies and the pollution control boards that have been sleeping on the job. It is a crisis involving public health. Our health and our environment.

(Many visitors come looking for Neel Metal Fanalca’s Postal Address. It is here).


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