Neel Metal Fanalca address

I have found a great deal of interest in locating the postal address of Neel Metal Fanalca, the concessionaire for collecting, segregating, transporting and disposal of municipal solid waste in Chennai.

Here is the address given in the registered documents of agreement between Chennai Corporation and Neel Metal Fanalca, Document Nos. 1515 and 1516 in Periamet, Chennai.

The Chief Executive, Neel Metal Products Ltd., Plot 118, HSIDC Industrial Estate, Sec 59, Ballabgarh, Faridabad 121004 HARYANA.

For more information on Chennai waste management obtained under the Right to Information Act 2005, go here.

Important Update: Document pages giving key clauses of the Neel Metal Fanalca contract with the Chennai Corporation can be downloaded in this post.



  1. Although Municipal solid waste management in Chennai is far from being complete, Neel Metal Fanalca has put few golden steps forward. NMF looks like they are taking pride in what they are doing at the moment in Chennai. I hope they are able to implement their activities without much bureaucratic interferences and getting entangled into ugly corruption schemes.
    I am a doctoral degree biochemical engineer living in Adyar. I recently moved from Australia to India. My expertise is on wastewater treatment area. I am looking for a way i could offer my service for a better Chennai. I am available at babuchemy @yahoo com


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