Mojos and the online future

With the coming of the N95 from Nokia, mobile journalism is coming to a definitive phase. That’s what news organisations such as Reuters seem to think. They are incubating their own initiative for mobile journalism, featuring content driven by the capabilities of the N95.  It even has a toolkit that is recommended for the job.

I don’t yet have an N95, but I do try to capture some scenes during my commute to work and at other times. As you can see, I have something of an obsession with railways (luckily for me, so do thousands of others around the world).

So here’s a recently compiled slideshow, featuring pictures taken with nothing more than a VGA mobile phone camera, that connects to my top flight Dell PC with a third party CA42 cable bought from Ritchie Street. Sure, the pictures could be better. But journalists never make enough money to buy the best gadgets.

Chennai Rail and Road scenes

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