Hotel Savera drowning incident : an update

I have heard the distressing report that the son of a K.K.Nagar bank manager is in a precarious condition in Apollo hospital — some say brain dead — in the Hotel Savera New Year Eve stage collapse incident.

The young man and a woman relative, who is also reportedly in critical condition, had ventured to the hotel party on the spur of the moment. Apparently, the stage collapse happened just when they entered and they suffered grievous injuries.

If you feel strongly feel about taking up the matter and are willing to file Right to Information Act petitions to know what the Government of Tamil Nadu and its deparments have done so far, I can guide you on the procedures of applying. You can send me an email.

It is a matter of great disappointment that the Chennai media has not pursued the incident vigorously, in a manner that makes an example of the hotel and of the Government officials who are meant to supervise this kind of event for safety.



  1. Even the media (Hindu or NDTV) could not reveal the name of the hotel in their articles on the very next day of the event which indicates that the hotel owners are powerful. The hotel management have to be punished at any cost. Is it really possible in India ? What we can do as bloggers is to alert all the ppl in the blog community and avoid from using that Hotel for any purpose.


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