‘Sivaji’ fete: Rajnikant was spiritual, Shriya was no Robot

If there was a choice between a discussion on the World Bank’s latest ‘amazing’ discovery of corruption in India’s Health Sector Projects and Rajnikant and Shriya Saran at the “Sivaji”jubilee function, which would attract a wider audience?

That’s an unfair question because “Sivaji” is about a corrupt Tamil Nadu, and Rajni fought so hard with the bad guys, including the Police. So everyone is interested in hearing Rajnikant whose “Robot” under Shankar will be ready by mid-2009; they are equally keen to know what made the World Bank sit up under the Bodhi tree.

Some friends who were present say Rajni was candid about God-belief, with Chief Minister M.Karunanidhi listening. He narrated a spiritual story for everyone’s benefit. Shriya Saran, on the other hand, was very down-to-earth, in a spaghetti strap white outfit. You may want to check out the website of Ergo, the new tabloid that is circulated to an important audience in some parts of Chennai for the report, and a huge collection of pictures, including Shriya Saran, Surya and so on.

The World Bank action is coming up soon, I promise you.


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  1. 100 Crores is a huge budget for Robot. The script ought to match the budget. (Maybe Superstars image has gone so high that none of the mortals can dare challange him in his movies and hence he fights a robot this time?). Well know that soon, but till then do take a look at my (suggested script) in which I have combined the styles of Micheal Crightons writing and Shankars style of movie making. It is available in blogosphere and there are no restrictions on republishing :-). Heres the link: http://www.destinationinfinity.co.nr

    Destination Infinity.


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