Flip Ultra films: work in progress

The viability of using multimedia to enhance news websites is still being debated by top editors, but the potential to add atmosphere to stories is, I think, very real.

I have been trying to use my Flip Ultra camcorder to produce shorts, with Windows Movie Maker on Vista home premium helping to add titling and credits, audio layers and so on.

The problem is to come up with films that have a manageable file size and run for a couple of minutes on Youtube. It is a lot like working on advertisement films, where 10 seconds should narrate the whole story.

Here is my latest attempt on the weak fundamentals of the real estate boom in a Chennai suburb. There is a mention of our Governments collecting bribes and some overzealous ivory tower scholars/patriotic citizens might question whether I have evidence. To them, I will say this : recently, many journalists have paid Rs.1,500 to a particular organisation to get a patta for their land in Chennai’s outskirts and been issued receipts for it. The actual cost of a patta is, an IAS officer tells me, Rs.40.


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