NASA’s James Hansen: exposing censorship of science

Whatever I know of Dr. James E. Hansen makes me like him immensely. He is one of the earliest contributors to the discussion on climate change, a scientist who has helped everyone understand the impending threat to the planet from greenhouse gases released by human activity and other sources of global warming.

Recently, Dr.Hansen wrote a three-page paper not on the core issue of climate change, but on the methods adopted by the US administration to censor scientific reports. Dr. Hansen is already on record in congressional testimony speaking out on the doctoring of scientific reports.

Interestingly, the NASA scientist also turns the spotlight on the media and its reluctance to stand up for the right to know. The media fares badly in Dr. Hansen’s assessment, with even the New York Times failing to measure up. There is a high degree of self-censorship in the media on the ground that many things are just “hearsay”.

For clinching evidence that the media fails to do its job effectively, Dr. Hansen draws from a recently published book, Censoring Science by Mark Bowen.


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