Nikon India pricing leaves me cold

I am a Nikonian by choice and love the cameras that I have – an FM3A and a D50, with a battery of lenses. So news of Nikon setting up shop in India, although well behind rival Canon, was indeed comforting — it meant access to original stuff and presumably, better service.

But I was shocked to find that the pricing of equipment at Nikon’s official dealers has no relation to the grey market. A call to Inter Foto, Nikon’s official dealer at Bangalore showed that the recently introduced, Thailand-made D300 costs Rs.115,000 (body only), against the grey market price of Rs.76,500. The D3 sells for Rs.251,000 at the Nikon dealership, and is as yet not easily available in the grey market. So that price comparison is impossible at the moment.

This camera model is rated high but overpriced in India

I wonder why Nikon’s official price should be 50 per cent higher than the grey market. Is it the familiar story of indirectly supporting grey market sales, which don’t have warranty, and thus expanding market share without a commitment to the buyer?

In the New York market, the camera costs only Rs.71,998 plus tax (six per cent, I think) at 40 rupees to a dollar.

JJ Mehta in Mumbai advertise the camera for Rs.94,995 (body only) and that includes a 2GB memory card. Surprisingly, as of today, JJ Mehta says their price includes a two year warranty by Nikon India!

If you want to give them a piece of your mind, you can reach Nikon’s customer help page here. Nikon’s address in India with phone numbers given on their website is:

Nikon India Private Limited
Plot No 17,Sector 32, Institutional Area, Gurgaon 122002, Haryana
Phone: (91-124) 4688500
Fax: (91-124) 4688527
Service Hotline: +91-124 4688514

It is time someone told Nikon India that they cannot play games in the time of the Internet without being shown up.



  1. I don’t think its Nikon’s fault alone. The duty structure (customs, excise, countervailing etc.) pushes up prices. It’s worse with lenses. The 18-200VR is now available for between 26,000-30,000 rupees in North America. It costs 52,000 rupees in India.
    If, as an individual buyer who is spending hard-earned money, I have to pay double then I don’t care if I don’t get India warranty – one breaks I can just buy another one! So much for Nikon and the Govt. of India trying to tackle grey market sales. With official prices like these, the grey market will be alive and well for a long time. Either that or Indians will keep buying their photo equipment from abroad and the GOI will keep losing sales revenue – penny wise, pound foolish.
    Of all my photo equipment the only thing I’ve ever bought official in India was an SB-600 flash, whose price dipped to a premium of about 30% to US rates from 50% because of a temporary exchange rate fluctuation. Everything else I’ve bought abroad or grey: D70s and Tokina 12-24mm – Singapore, 80-200 f2.8 and 24-85 f3.5-4.5 – grey market India, FM3A and 45mm f2.8P – B&H NY.


  2. Guess what JJ Mehta in Bombay told me today. They said the 50k that nikon india and their distributor charge for the 18-200VR is the list price. JJ can sell it to you for 39k with 2-year Nikon India warranty. Now why is this not made clear to customers?


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