The Mammooty fan slapping episode

The large number of cameras that are all around us can become an embarrassment for some. Malayalam film actor Mammooty would have discovered that today, when NDTV and other networks carried a report about a blogger posting a film on YouTube, showing him slapping away the hand of a fan in Malappuram.

Very much like one of his film roles, the actor, travelling in an open-top vehicle, is seen angrily slapping away the hand of a fan who manages to get within handshaking distance.

In a politically aware state like Kerala, that is a sure recipe for withering criticism for some time to come. I recall the episode of a Tamil Nadu Minister in charge of water supply slapping a voter much more violently, during a public interface more than two decades ago. Pity there were no mobile phone/low cost digital cameras then, and of course, neither was YouTube around.

Here’s the clip on YouTube:



  1. Friends, don’t evaluate mammooty or any celebrity from a shot video clip. Try to find out what made him to do so or learn a lesson from this idiotic ‘fan’tasy.


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