Print lives…actually, it shines

The Society of Newspaper Design awards for 2007 make the point that if print journalism is indeed dead, it is a very lively corpse.

The sombre outlook for print in the West may be worrying to publishers, but there is a great deal of vibrancy to print design, as the SND29 awards point out. The Guardian wins for ‘consistency,’ being a paradigm of excellence and endurance, brilliantly presenting detail in an extraordinary package everyday; the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung for its ‘intelligence’; the Lisbon Expresso for introducing an element of ‘surprise’; and the Moscow Akzia weekly for ‘courageous’ presentation.

There is no doubt that new media is growing at a blistering pace in the age of the mobile phone and the portable computer, delivering the latest content ‘anytime, anywhere’ wirelessly. Yet, good old paper will continue to be around, perhaps as crisp tabloids, where creative writing, art and design remain enduring attractions. Each will drive the other in great measure, it appears.

Watch the awards on video :

SND29: The 2007 World’s Best-Designed Newspapers from Society for News Design on Vimeo.


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