Binayak Sen: Tehelka writes

Given the continued arbitrary detention of Dr. Binayak Sen in Raipur, Tehelka’s decision sometime ago to carry a self-aggrandising interview with Chattisgarh’s Raman Singh, with praise for his proxy army, the Salwa Judum, was disappointing to say the least.

More recently, Tehelka carried a long piece on Binayak Sen that may do some damage limitation. It is here.

J.Sriraman’s article on the doctor’s unjustified and shocking incarceration without bail in Truthout is here.

Strangely, this does not seem to be a story worth pursuing consistently, for the major section of our media.

If China is a golden cage that has just grown into a bigger cage thanks to economic growth, what are we? Who needs all this growth if there is no one to speak up, not even our lionised media, when the police come knocking at our door at midnight? What a crying shame.


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