A job for the well-heeled and influential?

This is graduation season, when campus interviews and new job offers are the talk of the town. A generation ago, journalism drew middle class youth who thought they could make a difference and contribute to the evolution of social processes, institutions and democracy with their writing (there was no 24 by 7 television). Earlier generations were driven by the agenda of freedom and development.

The journalism of the Emergency and post-Emergency generations could mount some significant challenges to the establishment, as newspaper editors and correspondents went about their work aggressively and publishers were ever ready to support them.

Does journalism today attract talent consisting of similarly motivated young people? Or is it a consumption driven phenomenon, in turn working to, as Noam Chomsky would put it, manufacture consent in favour of neo-liberal policies and the political establishment?

The Guardian has a piece that paints a depressing picture about the socio-economic fundamentals of new recruits in the UK. Is Indian journalism able to fare better? Or is our poverty and deprivation only a career-building opportunity that could lead connected journalists to the commanding heights of the profession?



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