Neel Metal Fanalca and waste recycling

I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog, that the clauses in favour of taxpayers in the agreement with Neel Metal Fanalca are not implemented by the Chennai Corporation.

Today, I found that there is an interesting trail for the garbage picked up by NMF from the streets if it has some residual commercial value. The staff of NMF drive their small pick-ups to local waste handlers and dispose of these recyclables to them.

These pictures tell the story.  The same thing is available as a YouTube video here.

Neel Metal Fanalca worker picks up waste from his small pick-up

We have nothing against such a trade happening, although the locations of such operations are often incompatible. Waste handlers are setting up shop in residential buildings and converting the footpaths into their open-air godowns, as in the pictures above.

From the perspective of NMF, it could have got into the act on its own, but obviously, there is no incentive for the waste collectors to dispose of their recyclables to their employers! This simple truth speaks volumes about the concept of Solid Waste Management being followed by the Chennai Corporation. Conversely, it also highlights the poor involvement of residents in their own waste management affairs: many residents welfare associations could make some money with such recyclables themselves, but they would rather throw the items on the street.

I was having difficulty posting YouTube videos on to my WordPress account, and gave only the link above, but after looking at the code from earlier videos that I had posted, I got it to appear here, finally. So here it is. Photos and video shot with Nokia 3500c.



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  1. I stay in Kottivalkkam. People throw rubbish in vacant plots as there is no waste collection mechanisn. Come monsoon and only heaven knows how many malaria and chickengunuya cases we will have. NMF and the Panchayat don’t seem to be bothered or affected by this even after a verbal request to collect garbage citing lack of equipment as an excuse. talk about apathy being a pre-requiste for a job: as concerned citizens what can we do ?


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