SD cards: avoid being ripped off in Chennai

Those who take pictures with digital cameras know how quickly a cavernous memory card gets filled up. Fortunately, memory prices are falling, and it is possible to buy a one gigabyte SD card for a small sum.

But if you were to walk into some of the camera showrooms in Chennai, such as the big Konica labs, you would be paying more than double for a card. I checked last week in the Nungambakkam Apex Plaza Konica and they wanted Rs.700 for the red-coloured one GB SD card, and Rs. 1200 for the two GB card from Sandisk.

But at Ritchie Street, near the Anna Statue on Anna Road, the same card can be had for Rs. 275 and Rs. 450 respectively. So give Konica a pass. Ritchie Street is centrally located and easy to access by bus and autorickshaw.

The so-called ‘discounting’ online retailers are also charging heavily for the cards, as I found on

Update: The Price of a 1 GB SD card made by Kingston in Chennai’s Ritchie Street Market as of September 30 is Rs. 190.


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