Ahmedabad, Bangalore: What the media is saying

It is a difficult time for India, as terror strikes happen in different cities. In some ways, it appears to be the early signs of a prolonged climate of uncertainty and strife, with politics drifting into stormy, amoral waters.

What do the major newspapers have to say about the Ahmedabad and Bangalore blasts? The Hindu’s editorial Metro terrorism argues that there is lack of an intelligent approach to tackling terror, with no successes achieved in all the high profile street operations carried out after every incident.

The Times of India says This Is About Us and highlights the failure of the intelligence community. Daily News and Analysis also talks about the performance of the intelligence units in its editorial titled “Terror Strikes.”

While on the question of intelligence personnel, a senior IPS officer recently told me that the IB and RAW are bound to attract less motivated officers, because they lack the perquisites normally available to the IPS, which includes a separate car, personnel to take care of odd jobs and a general profile in society. Apparently, the IB people have to ride in a squad car, sharing it with others. If IB and RAW officers have to rough it out even in an era of a “car crazy” middle class, they should be really unimportant to Government.


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