Newer web search, a job search service for seniors

It is unlikely that Google will be dislodged anytime soon from the top of the greased pole that leads to the citadels of search engine fame, but today’s edition of The Hindu has some interesting choices in specialised search.

The citations in the article include search engines that are attempting to use semantic expressions to produce better results. In this list are:

Hakia :



True Knowledge:

The author of the article lists Trovix as a personalised job search engine that is worth a look, while offers summaries of results that are served up by the big search engines such as Google. This is indeed interesting, for a quick glance at the summaries gives the visitor an idea of the what the subject is all about.

Gigablast also merits a look, according to The Hindu.

Whether any of these has the potential to eat into the huge search market substantially will depend on refining ease of use and producing relevant results.

Jobs for Seniors

Talking of searches, there is this interesting item in The Hindu yesterday, on the Dignity Foundation operating a portal for senior citizens. The retirees could post their work profiles and seek an appropriate slot (work for love or money); employers can also look for experienced hands who are ready to move away from their easy chairs for part of the day at least.

Here is that story Now, a job portal for senior citizens

There is a lot of research to show that an active life actually keeps many geriatric problems under control, and gives the body a handle with which to control the mind.

With some luck, there will be some net savvy seniors who will start putting up their own experiences on the site, for others to compare with. Information on pensions, health, health insurance, mobility problems, housing, bad government and taxes can be posted regularly. There could be even some experienced  senior bloggers who will chip in with stories that are entertaining and informative. Facebook then is only a tab away as a virtual meeting place…


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