Poison in baby bottles?

The automotive industry did not hesitate to add lead in petrol to remove knocking in engines and to boost performance in the last century, although it harmed people. The tobacco industry knew that it was killing people, but decided to bury medical evidence in favour of commerce. Now, the plastics industry appears to be following suit.

Bisphenol A is a health-injuring substance, but clear bottles made from polycarbonate are still being made by the millions, including those meant to feed babies.

The most recent research in the US indicates that it is harmful to children. The New York Times has an editorial on the likely effect of Bisphenol A and it is useful reading to everyone. There is a helpful list of actions for concerned people.

It is unlikely that Indian newspapers and television will approach this issue with much seriousness, although there are millions of clear plastic baby bottles being sold in the country.


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