Media motives: When the public is fooled by the GM lobby

The media enjoys a lot of credibility in many countries, and people count on reporters and editors to uncover the truth that the Establishment is hiding. But behind-the-scenes, big business is at work to distort, cover-up or even engineer the news. Nowhere is that more pronounced today than in the area of Genetically Modified Organisms. 

Far from the purist scientific pursuit of progress in well-safeguarded laboratories, there are corporations that are working to take over the food supply of people, starting with the seed. Strange as it may seem, the mainstream media is unwilling to critically investigate the role of transnational GM companies to determine whether they are beneficial, or harmful to people, the environment and our long-term future. 

Here is a video of a television channel’s investigation into recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH), the controversial Posilac sold by Monsanto before the going got really difficult. This chilling video exposes the way many media companies handle pressure from big corporations, and the ethical standards of companies like Monsanto.

What is particularly dangerous is that India has become a happy hunting ground for Monsanto, which wants to ply its deceptive seeds for a variety of crops, starting with cotton, and including the vegetables that you and I eat trustingly each day. If they could do what you see in the video to one media company, Fox News — admittedly one that has a weak professional and ethical foundation — imagine what they could be doing in a country where suitcases stuffed with money are symbolic of politics; and members of parliament wave currency notes offered as bribe in Parliament.

So the next time you read something about GM crops, just pause to think of the forces at work in the background.

And remember that the going was so tough for Monsanto, that the company sold rBGH to Eli Lilly recently. But as Grist magazine points out, Eli Lilly has deeper pockets than the seed company, and therefore, it is not the kind of victory that consumers were hoping to get.


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