Eating our future: The ultimate stock collapse

There is general euphoria that paper money is regaining its strength around the world, after more of it has been pumped by Governments into collapsing private institutions, to prevent a breakdown of national financial systems and the globalised economy.

But this stock collapse is trivial, in comparison to the losses incurred in real terms everyday as the slash, cut, dig and exploit model of economic development impoverishes our collective future. That is the point made strongly by George Monbiot in this piece in the Guardian.

Journalist Michael Pollan’s long-form piece in the New York Times is here, and it explains brilliantly how industrial farming has laid US  agriculture to waste. If you never had the time to read Pollan’s thought-provoking books on food, never mind. This piece provides a crash course on the food crisis — and it has lessons for industrialising India.


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