A CMDA-approved layout afloat: Jeeva Nagar

Even an approved layout in a suburb of Chennai, which cost Rs.3 million for 2,400 sq.ft. just a few weeks ago, can “go under” like the economy — in this case, because of monsoon rains.

Jeeva Nagar, Kattupakkam, under Mangadu Town Panchayat (Kancheepuram District) is a big lake, with a few houses that appear to be floating in the water like giant ship bridges.

The layout was originally sold by a real estate company called BLB Estates, T.Nagar, and it is approved by CMDA as a residential layout, vide document reference PPD LO 134/2003.

The real estate company did not tell the residents that the site had been excavated heavily by the brick kiln industry, and was therefore virtually a lake. They sold it in March, 2004, a year when it was bone dry. Today, the residents are left to fight for roads that will not be under three or four feet of water. The Mangadu Panchayat is indifferent, while the Kancheepuram District Collectorate is too far to look at the situation annually.

This is the kind of municipal governance that the DMK government celebrates as its achievement in ensuring “urbanisation.”

This video uploaded to YouTube by a resident is telling:


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