Call Police control, create evidence, use RTI

The Police often claim that they received a complaint late, despite the attempt by the citizen to communicate information of an event immediately.

Now, it is possible to establish that there was no delay in contacting police, and if there was a delay on the part of the police in responding, that as well could be proved.

This is made possible by the Right to Information Act, 2005. An application can be filed under RTI to get documentation on the complaint made to the control room.

Here is the report on the matter from the Press Trust of India (PTI).

Calls made to police control room are public documents :  CIC

New Delhi, Dec 9:  The records of calls made to Police Control Room –on 100– are “public documents” details of which should be provided under the RTI Act, even if an accused wants to use it for defence in a Court, Central Information Commission has directed.

“Records of calls received in PCR are, in fact, public documents. Their disclosure is incumbent unless that have been made in confidence in which case such a condition will require to be recorded,” Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah said.

“Unless it is clearly established that such a disclosure would impede the process of investigation or prosecution and not simply that the record will be used in defence by an accused,” he said.

The case relates to one Ram Lal who sought details of a call made to the police control room on January 19 and 20, 2007 from Model Town police station. A similar application was moved by one Asha Devi seeking same call details.

The Delhi police refused to give information saying that it “could not be acceded to under section 8 (1) (h) of the RTI Act.”

Not satisfied with the reply, Asha filed an appeal with the police claiming that the calls were made by her and it was her right to know what she informed police.

“There is nothing secret or any such thing which relates to you or any investigation or any third party related matter,” she pleaded.

Delhi police again rejected the appeal saying that it will impede the prosecution of an accused.

Asha reached the Central Information Commission with the prayer to direct the officer concern to provide the required information and take action against the official responsible for it.


It is also my belief that with increasing focus on installing CCTV cameras in public places, including roads, it should be possible to challenge false charges levelled by corrupt policemen relating to traffic rules.

An application could be made to get the footage of the CCTV regarding the incident. Ditto to make an insurance claim relating to MV accidents.


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