Banning bottled water: one city has done it

The bottled water industry is growing at a blistering pace in India, and it is inconceivable that those in charge of municipal supplies will ever improve the quality of water they supply. The story is much like bus corporations and the Railways making it easy for car manufacturers.
But at least one city in the world has had the guts to say No to bottled water in its municipal premises. Toronto, in Canada. Read the report here. The idea is that tax-payers’ funds should not go to boost the profits of bottlers. Tap water should be good enough on these premises.
That is a world apart from Indian municipal authorities, who would shudder at the thought of drinking the same water that they supply to tax-payers. Hence, we have Prime Ministers, Chief Ministers, Ministers, Governors and elected representatives all opting for bottled water, for which we tax-payers must cough up.


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