sharing cars to combat oil shock

Indians have low quality and unreliable public transport which only the miserable sections among the population use out of compulsion (apart from car and two-wheeler deprived senior citizens, children, women and the disabled).

Moreover, the new cars are so good, affordable, and comfortable.  Selling an alternative to motoring in such circumstances is very difficult. But car pooling is a Western idea that might appeal to some middle class Indians, if not such choices as walking (dirty streets, no footpaths, unsafe!), cycling (also unsafe!), taking a bus/train (rickety, uncomfortable, crowded, unhealthy, unreliable and other reasons). So here is, which has been pushing web-based car-pool or car-sharing.

There are other forums to offer and request rides, such as Craigslist, for many Indian cities. The etiquette to be followed by those sharing rides may be worth considering. There is some points here.
New Delhi, Delhi — India’s 1st carpool website, has extended a helping hand to all those hit by the acute shortage of automotive fuels across the country. The website has announced absolutely free matching of carpool partners across 130 Indian cities including all metros till the period the fuel shortage continues. Many commuters are likely to be stranded due to shortage of fuel for their vehicles and through they can find others who have fuel and can rideshare with them to their destination. The website shall assist commuters in finding carpool/rideshare partners travelling on their route and time through the advanced search engine on the website

“We have been promoting carpooling across India since early 2006 primarily because we believe that it is an excellent way for commuters to reduce their spending on fuel, restrain menacing urban traffic and also contribute towards saving the environment and reducing harmful CO2 emissions which cause global warming. However during times like these when the country is facing an acute fuel shortage due to the strike of state owned oil firms, we feel it is our duty to help commuters go about their daily lives with the help of carpools, formed for free on” says Udit Bhandari, Founder & CEO of the website.

For commuters who have fuel in their vehicles and would like to offer a ride to an individual travelling on their route, or distressed commuters looking for a ride, now they can simply log on to and post their carpool request for free or search through existing carpool requests for free. The website uses criterion like city, origin, destination, pin-code, departing and return time and other personal information like gender etc. to yield results for matching of commuters.


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