Monsanto Mahyco’s GM brinjal unsafe, The Hindu reports

Many comprador agricultural scientists, many more commentators with an axe to grind and some misguided middle class consumers are willing to accept genetically modified foods/crops and even endorse them.

It is difficult for some odd piece of evidence in this shrill commercial scenario to catch attention, but here it is: one report pointing out that Monsanto-Mahyco’s Bt brinjal is not as harmless as it is made out to be. ‘Genetically modified brinjal unsafe’ says The Hindu today.

Of course, we would have to wait a while longer for more evidence to emerge. Until then, GM campaigners and scientists will be laughed off, just as climate-change scientists were derided two decades ago.

The simple argument against GM agriculture is this:

  • Crops can continue to be grown without any risks in the conventional way.
  • The seed business cannot be handed over to a few companies who will then seize control of the food supply.
  • There is no law yet to protect consumers who may suffer the consequences of any GM crop.

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