Judge denies medical care to Dr. Binayak Sen

This video of the latest hearing on Dr. Binayak Sen’s case in Raipur shows that not only is he being denied bail unconscionably, he is also being deprived of medical care for a heart condition.

Dr. Sen, himself a medical doctor who is being held without bail and trial for treating tribals, tells a visitor that he has high blood pressure and coronary heart disease.

The BJP Government in Chhattisgarh appears to have decided that it wants to do away with all dissent and by denying Dr. Sen access to medical care, a basic human right, it will silence him.

But its calculations are wrong, because the resistance is building and there is a satyagraha each Monday now in Raipur, demanding his release.¬† It is a shame that this story does not appeal to our mainstream media. The British Medical Journal story on his arrest is here and The Lancet’s report is here .

A piece in Counterpunch by Binoy Kampmark who was a Commonwealth Scholar at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, published a year after Sen’s jailing is here. A report of Nobel laureates critical of the Sen’s jailing was published by the Wall Street Journal, itself no champion of liberal values or free “socialised” public health care.

(After the publication of this post, I have received information stating that the Judge had earlier referred Binayak to be examined by doctors, and they recommended that his case be taken up by the Raipur District hospital. That information has not been acted upon. Binayak himself is unaware of this reference by the Judge made on an earlier occasion, it appears.) he


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