Three day CBI custody for Sumathi Ravichandran, Passport Officer and husband

The Hindu reports that a special court for CBI cases has granted CBI custody of disgraced Regional Passport Officer Sumathi Ravichandran and her husband for three days from May 1. There is no word on whether the DMK-controlled Chennai Corporation has taken action against Dr. Ravichandran,  a senior medical officer at the local body.

Such action is mandatory in the case of government servants when they are arrested and detained. Perhaps the ruling party is not treating service in Chennai Corporation separately, or the rules do not require action

Remarkably, the major newspapers and television channels have not thought it newsworthy to visit the Regional Passport Office and see whether the Augean stables have been cleaned, after the arrest. The Times of India’s report on a second case against this officer is here.

An earlier post on this subject is here. The mystery continues on why this officer has been hauled up despite her powerful connections to the DMK. We can only speculate that she has upset someone within the party, or someone very high up at the Centre.


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