Belkin N150 router: Wireless not as easy as 1-2-3

As wireless devices proliferate, our pricey broadband connections become that much more useful for browsing anytime, anywhere at home. With a netbook, an iPod 3G touch, and the desktop, it was time to go wireless, I thought, and picked up a Belkin N150 802.11 N router from Croma in Anna Nagar, Chennai (Rs. 2199 nett).

The impressive graphics on the package show that setting it up is as easy as 1-2-3. It does look simple, but for some strange reason, the CD in the package did not install properly. It asks you to select your geographical region — India is missing — and when you choose ‘other’, it just refuses to move ahead.

So I had to use the Windows Vista facility to create a wireless network connection. That apparently did work okay, and the router was in action. My Asus 1005HA connected with it fine, but strangely, it was not connecting to the Internet.

The reason, I found after some fiddling, was that the type of connection to be fixed on the router is “PPoE” while by default the setting is “dynamic,” (suitable for cable modems, the documentation says). Selecting PPoE fixed the issue and things got moving.

The Belkin N150 is a middle-range router that apparently partially uses the 802.11 N wi-fi standard, offering 150 Mbps connectivity. However, this may not be the ideal setting for all devices, since the 3G iPod Touch supports wi-fi b/g standard.


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