Nikon India pricing – Shetala vs. J.J.Mehta

I have written about the shock that Nikon pricing gives to legit camera buyers in India. Today, The Hindu carries an advertisement by Shetala Cameras in Chennai, offering Nikon DSLRs at the following prices. Note that the ad does not make clear whether it includes kit lenses or are for body only, particularly in the case of the D300s

  • D 3000 – Rs. 30,950
  • D 5000 – Rs. 52,950
  • D 90 – Rs. 83,950
  • D 300s – Rs. 94,950

For comparison, the price in Mumbai from J.J.Mehta is as follows:

  • Nikon D3000 with 18-55mm VR lens Rs. 27,500
  • Nikon D5000 with 18-55mm VR lens    Rs 46,999
  • Nikon D300s Body Only   Rs 85,990

The pricing indicates that except the D300s, the others include some kind of kit lens. Clearly, Shetala Camera prices are on the higher side.

At a different level, photogaphers continue to deeply resent the direction taken by Nikon, to force those who have excellent manual lenses to abandon them. The  newer DSLRs are all capable of working only with DX lenses, and even earlier AF lenses of the pre-DX era are not compatible with some of the newer bodies.

The option of using the old lenses is available only with some bodies, such as the D300 and its later avatar. Shame on Nikon for making all that good glass gather fungus on dark, dank shelves.


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