A phishing scam in Punjab National Bank’s name

I found the following notice in my Spam folder in gmail, with the tell-tale signs of phishing. One is that the sender is listed as "helpsdesk", note that it says helps, not help.

Second, It is unsigned, that is, without a name. There is no physical address or phone number. So if you get similarly worded messages, do not fill in that form or attempt to comply. It is also good to install Norton Internet Security 2010 or a similar good product, to ensure that scamsters don’t get to you unnoticed.

Important Banking Notice

Punjab National Bank

(This is the warning contained provided by gmail in a prominent way, so you can’t miss it. Warning: This message may not be from the alleged person or organisation. Beware of following any links in it or of providing the sender with any personal information.)

Punjab Bank in currently working to improve on the security of all our Online Banking Users as we periodically review certain Accounts which are vulnerable to Unauthorised Access. We have noticed some unusual invalid login attempts into your Online Account and have thereby limited its ability to send funds. To remove this limitation and initiate your Account Update process, please complete the form attached to this email


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