If you plan to buy a mobile phone, hold

For those who want to get a mobile phone, a wait can seem interminable. Yet, the scene is changing rapidly, and with the 3G connectivity arriving soon in India, putting up cash for a handset that could be obsolete in a few months may not be what some would want to do.

Well, some of the expected launches from big names involve Microsoft, Motorola and Nokia, not to speak of Samsung which has been highlighting the world’s first super AMOLED phone, the Wave. We must say Microsoft’s recently unveiled KIN phones do look good.

Nokia’s C series is still to make an appearance here, and so is the X6. Some retailers say its C series models (C3 and C5) are “coming soon.” The big difference is the widespread deployment of QWERTY keypads, and better touch technology in some models.

At present, all these manufacturers are taking a beating thanks to the like of Maxx, Karbonn and Videocon, which are providing better value at the entry level.

So its wiser to wait, one would think.

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Meanwhile, here is a slideshow of the Mobile World Congress, 2010 held in Barcelona sometime ago, where some of the phone announcements were made.


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