M.K. Stalin’s website attracts civic petitions

When it comes to government departments, getting petitions accepted over email is still not a practical option. Although your emailed petition flies off the computer and lands in the inbox of an IAS officer or his departmental officers almost instantly, it might as well have been sent into a black hole. Invariably, nothing further will be heard about it (unless someone has included some dire statements within that attract police attention).

Yet, there are many citizens who are hopeful that elected representatives and government servants will take their emails seriously, fulfilling the promises made when considerable amounts of taxpayers’ money were spent to buy laptop computers, Blackberry phones and so on in large numbers.

Deputy Chief Minister M.K.Stalin has a website that receives complaints, and there are several of them on the site.

One of them, reproduced below, indicates the neglect of some fast-growing suburbs such as Mangadu, where the local town panchayat has been found lax and wanting in administrative capacity, resolve, responsiveness to citizens’ complaints and transparency. There are several complaints against this Mangadu Town Panchayat, that appear regularly in other media and on the Internet.



Dear honourable minister sir, we whole heartedly appreciate your dedication in local administration of our state. But our mangadu town panchayat needs your special attention. The president of the mangadu town panchayat is a nice person. The subject is about repairing the road leading to mangadu police station-thiru murugan salai -the road is in a very bad condition. There are many big pits and falls- the president thiru srinivasan when complained about it said that the town panchayat was sanctioned rs 4.00 crores for laying cement road.nothing has happened so far. The condition is becoming bad to worse, it is very difficult to ride two wheelers and cars in that road.this has been the condition for the last one year. We humbly request you to bestow your personal attention to bring back the road into good condition.thanks for ananda vikatan which published your website and also proudly informed the readers that the minister goes to sleep after only replying all the complaints. Thank you sir , m.s.subramanian no.1,sakthi nagar annexe,mangadu

Posted by SUBRAMANIAN M.S  on August 15, 2008, 11:19 pm



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