Awaaz Foundation’s report on noise levels of firecrackers

Report on noise levels of fire crackers at Bhakti Park, Wadala 

On 26th October 2010

Commonly available firecrackers were tested for noise and air pollution levels and for compliance with Supreme Court orders on disclosure of chemical composition on packaging jointly by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board, the Mumbai Police and Awaaz Foundation on 26th October 2010 at Wadala. The Explosives Department, which is responsible for compliance at manufacturing stage did not attend.

The findings indicate that noise levels have gone up significantly since the last testing conducted in 2008 and that , in addition to rassi bombs (which violated noise limits at the 2008 testing), all serial crackers, and several aerial crackers also exceed maximum permissible noise limits. Some firecrackers sported names such as ‘AK 47’ indicating undesirably high noise levels.

Sr.No. Name of Company Brand name of fire cracker Sound pressure level 


In dB(A)

Sound pressure level 

PEAK (Max)

in dB(C)

Single Crackers Max. allowable decibel= 125 Max. allowable decibel= 145
1 Gem Fire Works Laxmi Bomb 119 142.4
2 Standard Fire Works Kargil Bullet 103 139.5
3 Raj Industries, Buldhana Border star Bomb 102.4 147
4 Shama Fire Works, Jalgaon Vulcano 127.4 147
5 Standard Fire Works Singing Bird 130 129
6 Standard Fire Works AK-47 110 144.9
7 Gems Fire Works 60 multi colour shots 117.8 144.5
8 Standard Fire Works Thunder Bomb 130.6 147
9 Coronation Fire Works Whistling Pipe 90.9 102.9
10 Ajanta Fire Works Cheetos 123.9 124.1
11 Standard Fire Works Krishna Bomb 96 144.9
12 Standard Fire Works Sky Buster-130 125.3 146
Crackers in Series Max. allowable decibel= 105 Max. allowable decibel= 105
13 Shri Daivam Fire works, Sivakasi 2000 WALA 119 142.4
14 Coronation Booth Lavangi 108.8 141.3
15 Anil Fireworks Musical Mala 110.4 115

Sumaira Abdulali
AWAAZ Foundation


I would like to add to Awaaz Foundation’s finding: This is surely a good reason to keep off crackers this Diwali. Why would you torture the ears of your children and other family members, and make them pay heavily for a few hours of vanity?


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