Mumbai Diwali decibel levels: cold comfort

This press release was issued by Awaaz Foundation on Saturday. It should serve as a model for other voluntary agencies, if not the Pollution Control Board and Police, to assess the state of noise during the festival in other cities.

Report on Diwali noise levels November 5, 2010

Diwali was quieter overall this year as compared to last year and crackers were burst only sporadically until the last day (5th November). On 5th November, crackers started early, and in most parts of Mumbai, stopped by 10pm. The exceptions included Marine Drive (where the Police started making efforts to stop revelers from bursting crackers at 10pm, without success until past 11pm). Pali Hill and Carter Road in Bandra and Mazgaon, The decibel levels were louder than ever before, but increase in awareness was visible in the comparatively shorter hours through implementation of the 10pm deadline in most parts of the city., and in the fact of crackers being burst only on a single day.

Sr No. Place Time Decibel level Zone Remarks
1. Perry Cross Road, Bandra West 20.00 130dB dB Residential Zone Sporadic rassi bombs
2. Turner Road, Bandra 20.29 125dB dB Residential Zone Sporadic rassi bombs
3. Police Colony opp Bhabha Hospital, Bandra 20.31 68-79 dB minimum going upto 90dB with aerial crackers Silence Zone
4. Opposite Lilvati Hospital, Bandra 20.44 105 dB Silence Zone Serial bombs
5. Next to Shobha Hotel Mahim 20.53 105 dB Crackers on road
6. Shivaji Park 21.06 83 – 95 dB dB Silence Zone No noisy firecrackers were visible inside the park but residential colonies around Shivaji Park burst a few sutli bombs
7. Opp Siddhi Vinayak 21.09 89 dB Silence Zone Sutli bombs
8. Behind Workshop for the Blind, Worli 21.12 89.9 dB Silence Rassi bombs on road
9. Worli Sea Face 21.15- 21.20 95 – 130dB Crackers on promenade and on road. Police were seen preventing children from lighting crackers
10. Opp Atria Mall 21.33 125 dB dB Crackers on road
11. Tardeo opp Airconditioned Market 21.39 130 dB Rassi bombs on road
12. Opp Bhatia Hospital 21.43 95 dB Silence Zone Bombs and aerial crackers in neighboring buildings
13. Marine Drive 21.5622.20pm 78-130dB Crackers were burst continuously until 10.15pm although a police van was making announcements that it would not be permitted beyond 10pm. Thereafter, the Police stopped people from bursting crackers, without success until 11pm. At about 11pm, more police vans started confiscating crackers. Thereafer, cracker use reduced, although sporadic use continued.
14. Peddar Road, etc 22.30 Occasional stray crackes only
Arangan Society, Thane 22.35 Complaint from resident
15. Opposite Wadia Hospital 22.47 95.2dB Silence Zone Crackers and bombs on road
16. From Wadia Hospital to Bandra entire route 84.3 dB Few stray crackers only
17. Carter Road Bandra 00.05 130 dB Various crackers on promenade and on road
18. GHatkopar Ease 11.50 Complaint from resident
19. Vikhroli 00.20 Complaint from resident
20. Malad Ease 00.26 Complaint from resident
21. Pali Hill 00.30 Complaint from resident
22. Kurla 02.30 Complaint from resident
23. Gamdevi 02.30- 04.30 Complaint from resident – sporadic single firecrackers
24. Nerul, Navi Mumbai 02.36 Complaint from resident
25. Bhayander East 01.30 Complaint from resident

Sumaira Abdulali

Awaaz Foundation

6th November 2010


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