Websites with no relevant content are at top of some Google search results

I tried to find out what the price of a tyre is for a particular model of car this morning on Google, and got nowhere. For the keywords "Maruti Alto Tyre Price", what I got was results of a host of directory websites, with all manner of irrelevant data. For the keywords given above, you get this link as the top search result:

There was nothing on that page that had a good connection to the keywords. The next one is from, where there were several options giving cars on sale, reviews and so on, but nothing really linked to the keywords.The story was not very different for the next eight results and all this only convinced me that Google is perhaps willingly going along with such a gaming of its search results. This makes sense, considering that Google is reportedly going to make 30 billion dollars during the current year from its advertisers. It does not make sense, however, if you consider that the user is not getting useful information from the search results and instead has to wade through a mass of junk sites.

In any case, I called up Maruti Service Masters in Eekattuthangal to enquire about tyre price of Maruti Alto in Chennai. They quote between 2,550 (JK) to just under Rs.2700 (Bridgestone), with a fitting charge of 50 rupees for upto three tyres, and no charge if it is three or more.

Incidentally, look up Maruti Service Masters on Google and these are the results you get.

I tried to call up the Carnation auto hub in Guindy (promoted by Jagdish Khattar) but they did not answer the phone and did not return the call.

Google is clearly creating sufficient space with its unproductive consumer search results, for a well-run listing service that has verified, genuine site links and data.



  1. what a coincidence. i went through the exact annoying junk of information dissed by Google, before reaching your blog. apparently one has theoption of buying key words in which case ur results would be the first no matter what. this is why google will perish as facebook and twitter make human to human information exchange rather than depend upon some algorithm and web spiders.


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