Electronic Delivery of Services Bill, 2011 – Parliament wants to hear you

The Standing Committee on Information Technology has invited suggestions for the Electronic Delivery of Services Bill, 2011 which was introduced in the Lok Sabha on December 27, 2011. The text of the Bill is available at this link on the Parliament website:,%20electronic%20delivery,%20eng..pdf

This legislation is important to the way citizens interact with Government, and promises to transform the way they transact on an everyday basis. It also has great potential to cut petty corruption.

It is incumbent on citizens to lend their voice and inform government that this law must be made to work efficiently.

The Lok Sabha Secretariat has said that all those interested may send their views/suggestions on the Bill in the form of Memoranda two copies (either in English or in Hindi), to the Deputy Secretary (IT), Lok Sabha Secretariat, Room No. 315, Parliament House Annexe, New Delhi 110001 in a sealed cover within two weeks from the date of publication/broadcasting of the Press Release. The memoranda can also be e-mailed at comit or can be faxed at Fax No. 011-23015426.

The memoranda will form part of the records of the Committee and would be treated as confidential and should not be printed, circulated or published by anyone as such act would constitute ‘breach of privilege’ of the Committee.

Those who are desirous of giving oral evidence before the Committee besides sending Memoranda, are requested to intimate the Lok Sabha Secretariat to this effect well in advance at the above mentioned address.


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