Biogas from household waste – The Hindu column highlights potential

Today’s Urban Jungle column in The Hindu highlights the potential of using vegetable waste from municipal garbage to run biogas plants at the level of individual houses and beyond. Read the column here. A related story that appeared in Engadget a couple of years ago is here, but the biogas idea now seems more attractive than ever. The Union Budget has indicated that subsidies from the Centre for LPG and other fuels for the majority of consumers (editorial in The Mint here) will be withdrawn.

The piece also touches upon the lack of incentive for Ramky Enviro Engineers, which now has a contract with the Corporation of Chennai to collect and transfer municipal solid waste in three zones, to do the same. Ramky is empowered to sell recyclable waste and transfer the rest to the dumping grounds.

Most interestingly, one of the biogas models discussed in the column won an Ashden award for the Pune NGO Appropriate Rural Technology Institute five years ago. Watch that system at work in this video.




  1. Hello Mr. Ananthakrishnan,

    A very informative article.Really appreciate it.Call it the ‘need of the hour’ or the ‘unlimited human resilience’ – the far flung villages of the developing world have mustered their very limited resources to lighten up their homes and lives. The fact that biomass remains the primary (and in many cases the singular) source of energy in the developing countries of Asia speaks volumes about the human ingenuity at the grassroots level. The biomass energy adoption varies widely in Asia…
    Would like to take your attention to one such similar post which is in the form of infographic.
    The biogas powered villages – unsung Indian growth story!


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