MTC driver feels public heat over rash driving

In a rare show of determination, a two-wheeler rider, his woman pillion rider and passers-by detained an MTC bus on Arcot Road, Kodambakkam at Liberty for ten minutes for rash driving on Wednesday evening.
The woman had either fallen or was in grave danger as the M27 deluxe bus to CMBT sandwiched the two-wheeler against the median divider.
The scooter rider then parked his vehicle in front of the bus at Liberty stop, preventing it from moving. Several members of the public who had witnessed the bus being driven in a rash manner joined the protest.
The smug bus driver refused to apologise even when his passengers were urging him to do so.
The stand-off continued for ten minutes before he relented. Traffic was blocked on the South-bound side. Another bus, 17M Express halted in solidarity with the driver at fault, but public anger was palpable and the second driver appeared nervous.
Many of those gathered said MTC buses were driven in a rash manner because the police did nothing in the matter.


The M27 bus is at right, blocked by members of the public at Liberty, Kodambakkam


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