India’s fascists target Amartya Sen over Modi assessment

Just because Nobel Laureate Professor Amartya Sen has expressed a view – his personal choice which he is entitled to as an Indian citizen about a Prime Ministerial aspirant – he is now the target of right wing vilification and character assassination. This is typical of fascists whose politics is one of intimidation. Those who are not ashamed that all Indians cannot go to good free schools, have healthcare as a right (they can only count on astrologers and God who has never made a recorded appearance so far), and not even have toilets. These self-appointed monopolists of religion and ‘culture,’ and ‘patriots’ who are loath to pay taxes on stock market gambling loot and real estate speculation, helping themselves to all manner of subsidies, throw paper arrows at giant scholarship.


One Comment

  1. Don’t know much about his Indian citizenship, but does Professor Amartya Sen have the Right to Vote in public elections in India? If you do anything at the behest of vested political interests you should be ready to face biting comments and denunciations without grouse. All this is part of the dirty game called politics. Our country revels in its dirtiest variety. -SANJOG MAHESHWARI


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