Coats from far corners of the world


Vendor with coats, Chennai Park suburban station

Outside Chennai Park station, one finds a medley of people, sensibilities, and cultures.
This seller of windcheaters is hawking stuff from far corners of the globe at one hundred rupees apiece as the rain made its presence. These flimsy clothes will substitute for more expensive raincoats and also serve some who want to avoid the December nip-in-the-air weather, which is quite assertive in recent years.
As I tried to take a picture, the man grew wary. “What is the matter sir,” he asked.
I waved that nothing was wrong.
Possibly, the material on sale was part of some aid package for natural calamities. Quite normal to find shirts, coats, woolens on sale in this fashion.
For the passing multitudes, such deals are the equivalent of duty free shopping!


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