Keeping on walking in Chennai, despite everything

As a pedestrian in Chennai, I am grateful for the efforts of all activists to expand walking spaces. But I do think to say this city is some kind of model is a lot of hype.
My picture today from Anna Road, at Teynampet close to where the DMS station of the Metro will be, is one piece of evidence to support my view. There’s an encroaching temple, which even has a barricade to keep people out, and a hapless Peepal caught in the mess. The tree is a mini oxygen tank, but look at the state of the ‘footpath’!

This sort of chronic malady afflicting the walker is rarely featured with powerful commentary in public fora, and our car-borne politicians, IAS, IPS officers, lower administrators of the Highways Department and Corporation of Chennai and other influential classes don’t ever experience it. But everyone talks with such conviction about ‘people-centric’ city development!


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