Images of a Coimbatore retirement home

I was recently in a retirement home in Coimbatore, hoping to get a glimpse of this emerging social trend of managed living in India.

Let us call this home located in Thondamuthur, on the textile and foundry city’s outskirts, NN. I have no connections with this establishment and these pictures merely serve as a record of what the physical infrastructure is like in the expensive segment of retirement homes in India.

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Here are some points about this facility, which need not be typical for this segment:

Property is sold outright for between Rs. 700,000 and Rs. 13 million.

It can be occupied only by people who are over 50.

The typical basic living expenditure comes to about Rs. 20,000 including housekeeping, communications and food, but not counting individual preferences on travel, communications, entertaining guests, besides medical needs.

This managed facility has a dispensary with two medical professionals, two beds for patients, access to personal care on need basis (at extra cost), a Bose equipped Blue Ray cinema hall, and a Hindu temple.

Renting out to outsiders is channeled through the facility management.

If you don’t avail of the in-house catering, you pay a Rs.300 per capita maintenance fee per month.

Guests can be entertained for a maximum of two months in a year.

Distance to Coimbatore city is about 15 miles, and it is preferable to have one’s own transport access.



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